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Why hire a professional Makeup Artist?

So why would you even consider hiring a professional artist? Honestly, there are so many pros that make it so worth the cost.
First, during a big event, the last thing you want to do is add stress to a situation that is likely already pretty stressful. Why not opt in to be pampered? You deserve it!
Secondly, professional makeup artists are extremely experienced. They have honed their craft and practiced their art for years. Hiring a wedding makeup artist means hiring a professional who will ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day.
Wedding makeup is an investment, but it’s the kind that you never regret. Not only is it the day you have always dreamed of, but the photos will last a lifetime. When you pay for a professional makeup artist, you’re paying for their talent, their attitude, and their expertise. Working with a professional makeup artist may be a little bit more expensive, but it’s absolutely worth it!
On your big day, you’re going to want to look your best—which means you want your skin to look amazing! Opting for airbrush makeup application is one way to get flawless skin for your wedding. But it’s important to know the pros and cons of traditional makeup and airbrush makeup. So how do you decide if one is right for you? Check out the differences and whatever you decide, we will work to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on your special day—with or without airbrush!

what is Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a light weight mist that comes out thru a small spray gun machine. It creates an even layer of makeup and a glowy natural skin finish.  

We use Temptu airbrush makeup which is silicone-based, and is one of the best top performers in the airbrush industry.


  • even layer of coverage

  • hypoallergenic & gluten free

  • skin like natural finish

  • transfer resistant

  • Last up to 24 hours without you having to touch it up


  • It can enhance dry skin & patches

  • Also villus hair also known as the fine thin hair on your face

Even with both disadvantages there can be a work around. With dry skin if you start a daily skin care routine along with weekly exfoliation you can minimize dry skin and patches. For the best treatment for you we recommend speaking to your dermatologist or esthetician .

If you have vellus hair on your face you can opt in to wax or shave this areas. For best results we ask that you have it done months before your event to make sure no irritation occurs.

What is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup is any foundation which is applied with fingers, a sponge or makeup brushes. It does not matter if it is powder, cream or liquid.

We use are top quality foundations. You don’t have to worry that your makeup will run if  you sweat or cry. As long as you don’t smear, scratch or rub your face with your hands, you can expect it to last up 24 hours. You will need an occasional touch up to keep your makeup flawless all night. It definitely requires touching up with blotting papers and/or powder. 

You could also opt in to have one of our professional makeup artist stay with you all day to keep you looking flawless at all times!


  • flawless dewy finish

  • easy application

  • the cost is lower than airbrush


  • Requires touch ups

Airbrush and traditional makeup are both a fantastic option for your special event. What is most important for your wedding day makeup is the makeup artist who applies it.

At Tannia Apodaca Makeup we make sure your makeup artist is highly trained in both airbrush and traditional makeup so they can achieve your dream look!

When you reach out to inquire please do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. That is what we are here for, to answer your questions efficiently and clearly to create a seamless experience for you. We put together our FAQ page with our most asked questions for you to review in the meantime.

why to do a Trial?

This is the time when you find out which makeup and hair styles suit you best and will make you the most stylish and jaw-droppingly gorgeous bride.
You may have already decided on the look that you want but often during trials we come up with some more options that you might not have considered before.
We know from our experience which styles will make you look extraordinarily beautiful.
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what looks really work best without trying them out. That’s where trial sessions come in.
A trial is recommended 6 to 12 months before the wedding day, this will include testing for any sensitivity to the makeup and hair products.
Everything that’s agreed during the trial and the products chosen are documented and photos are taken of your stunning finished look. You can then take comfort in the fact that you’ll look incredible on the day itself.

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